HP-48GX (1)

Serial number

Made in Singapore
Year 1993
  • destroyed :-(

This is my first HP calculator. I bought it for studies. First I didn't want it, because of this strang "RPN" thing. I borrowed one for some days and decided it wasn't so difficult to learn. By now I don't want to use any calculator without RPN anymore.

I wrote some programs for this calculator. You find more about that on my old HP48-page.

At the 23.11.1997 my HP48-GX died. The display was destroyed by books. (Have a look at my "virtual HP48 cemetery"). I absolutely didn't want to use my TI-34 again, so I got the display replaced by a german company. At this occasion the calculator became it's 48G frontpanel. For the price of the repair I could buy at least two HP-48GX at Ebay now...

During my studies I performed extensive keyboard-tests on this calculator. After hundreds of hours of Tetris-playing the cursor keys still have the HP-typical click.

In 2003 I wanted to flatten and reglue the crumpled keyboard cover. Some very fluent glue ran into the housing and did something ugly with the electronics. So this device didn't work anymore. Since the glue prevented proper opening of the case, it has been destroyed now.


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